Skies Afire Tattoo

Fine Art by Kyle Bernstein


Kyle Bernstein is a tattoo artist and painter in Columbus Ohio. With a passion for the art of tattooing, they started in October 2023 and has been working towards it since 2019, investing hundreds of hours into painting, research, and learning the intricacies of tattoo design and application. Kyle's artistic style blends elements of biomech and dark horror, seamlessly merging lifelike textures with nightmarish creatures and monsters along with colorful fantasy creatures and landscapes.

Although Kyle is a new tattoo artist, they spent 5 years learning working in the industry and learning about tattoo design and technique while honing in their art skills. 
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Below is some of Kyle's recent tattoos. To stay up to date on Kyle's work, check out their Instagram page, where they post their most recent paintings and tattoos first.


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